Want to Join the Flow Yoga Family?

Qualified applicants must have a 200+ Hour Yoga Teacher certification from an accredited institution and carry personal insurance.

Below is a list of what we are looking for in our teachers:

Presence – ability to command attention, pick your students up and make them feel welcome and at ease.   Many of the students in our new location and corporate yoga sites will be new to yoga so this is incredibly important!  

Physical Skills – Lead by example.
Versatility – Break down the practice to make it accessible to all (be able to work with students at different levels of experience or injury).

Adjustments – Give gentle hands-on adjustments to help students feel how their bodies fit into poses correctly. 
Music – We find it best to play music that is instrumental, electronic chill or of a world beat nature.  Popular (lyrical) music tends to compete with your voice making it difficult for the student to pay attention.  Choose your music mindfully.
Language - Make every word count.  Our students have enough drama in their daily lives: yoga is an escape.  Build your students up with your words!

Fun – Bring in an element of fun to your classes - students can get too serious about yoga and get caught up in the competitive aspect of their own practice and miss out on the fun.

If that sounds like you, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch!