Who We Are

Flow Yoga provides alignment-based vinyasa classes, grounded in the traditional practices of mindfulness and compassion, to bring people more peace, awareness, and community.


What We Stand For

We are all in a constant state of motion. Much like our breath, we arise into a place, abide for some time, and then slowly dissolve into the next experience.

Sometimes we forget this process and we begin to hold onto negative emotions, such as: anger, resentment, confusion, and anxiousness.

This is where yoga and the beginning phases of meditation come together. These practices help us come back to the truth that everything is always moving in and out, so we learn to work with where we are in our journey and not attach to any one experience.

Just like the fresh feeling we get when we are out at the beach, we come back to our breath and experience what it is to be alive, fresh, and present. Just like the waves.

This is how yoga helps us tap into our own sense of peace in every moment. When we become more familiar with our own peace, we begin to promote that to others. And we remember that the whole world is connected.

This is what Flow Yoga is all about.